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We wish to express our special thanks to Elen's
parents : Alla and Maxim ,
who have left this world for good.

Mrs Elena and chess
"Pushkin's Bail"

Mrs. Elen is unique(sole) in the World a woman - wood carver,
which created "MEMORIALS ART - CHESS"
to jubilees of late 2nd - early 3rd millenniums.
Steff Rocknak thinks that Elen's work is unique; she is rare because there are
not many women who do high-end carving .See also Nora Hall (american, but comes from Holland);
Eva Ryynanen (Finnish) and Ann Browers (Belgium).

Mrs.Elena and Memorials
of St.Peterburs's

Please, tell me . Somebody has created "MEMORIALS ART - CHESS" to W.Shekspir ,G. Geeine, F. Rable, A. Dyuma , Berlin, London, Paris …? It is not known to me. Mrs. Elena Uralova has managed to embody in an art chess "MONUMENTS" to A.S.Pushkin , I.Il'f and E.Petrov, Moscow, St. Petersburg … "MEMORIAL ART - CHESS" to 2000 th anniversary of Christ's birth for the first time is created by Elena.
Of course, there can be other artists able to repeat any theme in wood, ivory, metal: larger in scale, better in details: Alas! Yet, they will be just


"Mini - monuments"
dedicated to Jubilees
of late 2 nd early 3 - rd Millenniums.

Years, when formed the "Mini-monument"

The Anniversary, to
which formed the

"Ballad about city Lvov": part- I; "Knjazhijj L'viv"
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1998 - 2006

 The 750 th anniversary
of Lviv
October, 2006.

art chess Sevastopol Crimean War Inkermann  Balaclava Admiral Edmund Lyons Plissier duke of Malakoff marshal of France Nakhimov Florence Nightingale Yek. Bakunina

"150- th anniversary of Defense
of Sevastopol in Crimean War "

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1996 - 2004

 The 150 th anniversary
of Defense of Sevastopol'
September, 2004.

Bogdan Khmelnytsky Hetman 400th Anniversary of Bogdan Khmelnytsky`s Birth chess kossack Ukraine Moscow art chess Perejaslavl

"Perejaslavl'- 350"
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1995 - 2004

 The 350 th anniversary
of "Pereyaslavska Rada"
February, 2004.

art chess St. Petersburg emperor Piter Great PiterI Leningrad World War II Fascists  German Rescue of Leningrad

"Birth of St. Petersburg and
Rescue of Leningrad"

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2001 - 2003

 The 300 th anniversary
of St.Peterburs's
foundation. May, 2003.

Twelve Chairs Humourina  Golden Calf  humour festival I.Il'f E.Petrov12 Odessa Ukraine art chess

"Twelve Chairs"
and "The Golden Calf"
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1997 -2002

 The 100-th Anniversary of I.Il'f's and E.Petrov's birth (03.10.1997- 30.11.2003)

World War II Fascists  German soldier Russian soldier Germany 1941 1945 Soviet Unions the tank Т 34 tanks Т 4 sergeants Masalov  Great DomesticВеликая  art chess

"The Tragedy of the 2-nd Millennium-
World War II,Part II:Great Domestic"

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1990 -2000

 55-th Anniversary of a Victory in Great Domestic War .
May, 2000.

Hitler Mussolini WW II Hiroshima and Nagasaki World War II J.Stalin W.Churchill F.Roosevelt B.Mussolini Japanese Admiral

"The Tragedy of the 2-nd Millennium-
World War II,Part I:
Dictators and Tyrantsf"

1990 - 1999

60 - th Anniversary of a Beginning of World WarI, September, 1999.

Golgotha Jesus Catholic Orthodox  Patriarch bishop Pope Mythropolith monks St. George

"Unity of Purposes of the Christians".
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1986 - 2000

 2000- th Anniversary of Christ's birth - December, 2000.

Aleksandr Pushkin 200-th anniversary of poet's birth art chess A.S.Pushkin Boris Godunov

"Pushkin's Bail"-.
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1997 - 1999

 The 200-th Anniversary of A.S.Pushkin's Birth. May,1999.

Moving Personal Exhibition Jubilee Galith Halith Ivano-Frankivsk D.Halytsky D.Galytsky

"Galich -1100"
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1997 - 1998

 The 1100 th anniversary
of Galich's foundation..
September 1998.

Yuri Dolgoruky Baty-Khan Moscow Art Chess 850 th anniversary of Moscow's foundation Dmitry Pozarsky Koosma Minyn

"The Heavy pages in Moscow's
History of Rurikoviches Dinasty Times"
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1995 -1997

 850 th anniversary of
Moscow's foundation .
September, 1997.

Chess-composition Russia fleet Sevastopol Russian Navy 1853 1856 Britain France Turkish Sultan

"The Defense of Sevastopol' ".
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1994- 1996

"300th anniversary of Russian Navy"

Bogdan Khmelnytsky Hetman 400th Anniversary of Bogdan Khmelnytsky`s Birth chess kossack Ukraine

"Old Hop -400"
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 The 400th Anniversary
of Bogdan Khmelnytsky`s Birth.- 1995 .

Mrs.Elena can produce "variant-copie" of the themes by request. But the "variant-copies" – whatever different or revised - will still remain the author's ones. There were cases of common practice, wherein versions were still either precise or precious (e.g. authentic "variant-copie" of some Iliya Repin's paintings). The number of versions will be little for sure, because it will take about half a year to accomplish a "variant-copie" and life is short.
Still more: since Mrs.Elena had no special study in artwork, but came to carvings by herself, she possesses her own peculiar style of craft. Probably the way she holds the chisel is incorrect and far from classic one, but this is
her unique school.
If you will have work in the tree which has been cut out by hands Mrs E. Uralova it will be very prestigiously. And the value of these works will be increased.

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